Empty Stomach

by Ladd Mercer

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This song is the combination of an acoustic guitar chord progression I explored mixed with a delicate piano medley.

The lyrical content asks questions that go on in my head throughout the day.


race through life
each stage brings so much strife (*fix a pop)
wish for wealth
to leave this hell behind

cascading down a well-lit path
concludes when nature decides so
high hopes that never get on track
oh how that would be so cold

i still have hope
when i go smoke alone
i won’t complain
about anything again

i don’t really care anymore
detached from what goes on outside
no longer who i was before
i used to always smile

a strange bright light ahead of me
i cannot see anything
i think i just had an epiphone

basically i’m being what they want me to be

I used to always smile
like an average happy child
then my eyes were opened up
and i’ve simply had enough

of these hive mind patterns
that are formed in social circles
if you don’t join their club
then you’re looked down on as worthless

and the effort that’s required
to fit in the status quo
is enough to drain your soul
take you to your lowest low

so I remove myself
even though you cannot tell
it’s probably that i’m not cool enough
to roll with your whole crew and uh

that’s all there is to say
so i go on about my day
yeah i tend to feel down
but at least i’m not you clowns

walk around like we’re all wrong
it’s you that was right all along
i don’t know you very well though
but they say you’ve got go

you’ve got to go

I have unrealistic expectations
of what a friendship should be
all of the blame isn’t exactly mine
though it’s probable that the problem’s me

acquaintances is a more accurate term
for those who I’ve come to know
just a simple courtesy to say hi
is where most relationships go

tonight we hit the road
heart’s going to explode
it’s been a long time
since i broed out with the bros

drink ’til i feel numb
let me know if you want some
i pour generously
have a beer and be happy

don’t worry ‘bout the fees
today you meet your needs
you always work so hard
don’t let down your guard

the world is watching
you’re lying through your teeth
these people have to leave
they hate on your beliefs

you feel the windy breeze blow
fall’s all up in your nose
memories of childhood
feel as good as you could

always reminiscing
all my words are lifting
cut me out and you’ll see
we’re no longer homies

something up ahead
has got me stopped dead
it’s my future stretched out
filled with opaque self-doubt

i’m spending more than saving
that’s why right now i’m not dating
least i think that that’s the reason
not sure if these girls are teasin’

but i’m not the type who likes confrontation
i won’t walk up to you and just say what’s happenin’
i’m more the type that keeps it simple
inside i’m struggling with all these people

someone told me to be more of an asshole
that you’re too nice you’ve gotta take full control
but the man who told me that is now gone
he got fired from showing up drunk

grew up in small town, Indiana
27 now in California
scraping by on my finances
cause it ain’t cheap to live where famous stars live

so maybe i’ve made a mistake
and could be best to leave the state
but might as well make the best of being here
sick of contemplating scenarios that are not clear

i don’t even practice what i preach
sometimes i join the ranks of others just like a leech
meaning that i let it go in terms what I wanna know
with respect to what i’m doing here and if i’ll actually reap what i sew

i drink my coffee black cause i don’t drink it for the taste
to be honest anyone who drinks it otherwise i truly can’t relate
but i pass in and out of phases like a ferret through a tube maze
pull a U-turn in the middle sometimes a swing both ways

the biggest mystery to me remains
that after graduating college there’s a dull pain
my treasured moments from those years include learning to play guitar
gotta thank someone upstairs for jake who taught me those barre chords

sometimes i wonder why people get so offended
i end up thinking that their reasoning is quite demented
society is bursting with attention whores
and social media smashes open the double doors

for a platform to project your problems globally
like a dude just saw your sob story from Sicily
and you’ve never met this person but they know your struggle
is that your goal to have a foreigner solve all your troubles?

sometimes i get hopeful for a victory
there’s more to life than politics and trash TV
but i’m not here to lecture you don’t get me wrong
i’m still figuring out how to put my true self inside a song

sports and grades were the only things that existed
now that’s not the case my schedule has fully shifted
to a regimen of waking up to go to work
where i only make enough dough to keep on my shirt

like Kanye west said being broke makes my head hurt
luckily i save money ‘cause i’m an introvert
not a local at the bar running up a tab
although i tend to shell out cash so my joints are rolled fat

one of many perks living in the golden state
california weed part of almost everyday
if i had one wish first i’d ask for more wishes
if that wasn’t possible i’d go about it like this

take that wish and think about what i really need
cause i’m single and i’m selfish so i think of me
would the best use of my wish be better off with someone else
giving them the opportunity instead of keeping it myself

that’s the world that we live in gotta watch your own back
maybe my wish would be that i didn’t have a wish in fact
cause the universe does its thing whether or not you play along
that’s the way i look at it so that i feel like i belong


released April 26, 2017



all rights reserved


Ladd Mercer Thousand Oaks, California

Indiana native currently living in Thousand Oaks, California

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